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Sabrina Kraft

Sabrina Kraft

Sabrina Kraft


Sabrina Kraft┬┤s mission is to support companies in using opportunities offered by e-commerce in order to grow successfully and develop highly profitable sales and marketing channels. In other words, she maximises sales potential.


With more than 17 years in e-commerce and online marketing, she knows the opportunities and challenges in customer service very well. Not only has she managed a service team of 60 employees at 3 locations as CMO, in 2022 she was named "Germany's Most Influential Marketing Leader to Watch Out | TOP 20 at CXM TODAY". She shares her knowledge as an INSPIRATIOAL SPEAKER at Google events and the relevant e-commerce congresses.


Since then she founded several companies and developed her own e-commerce tool in 2022, which provides her customers a transparent picture of the market and competition in real time.

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